21+ Basement Kitchen Ideas 2019 Trends (Benefit of Kitchen Basement & Picture Ideas)

Basement Kitchen Ideas – There are certain times within a year where the desire to make some home improvement crosses our mind. Putting up new decorations and furniture, turning the old garage into a multi-function storage room, or using a more updated color palette to paint the living room – there are many great ways to renovate our home to our hearts’ content. A little bit of change could bring fresh air to the house, Basement Kitchen Ideas.

Many people will start to plan on renovating a room inside the house. However, sometimes renovating an existing room would create a fuss since it requires a lot of things to do starting from removing furniture, tearing down some walls, or arranging the room’s layout according to the plan. Instead of renovating the existing spaces, optimizing the use of a basement could be a great option to consider.

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It becomes popular for people to renovate their basements into warm living areas with a kitchen at one end. The kitchen will allow you to have some refreshment while having guests over in your large living room in the basement. Getting a second kitchen could be a great Basement Kitchen Ideas to include in your basement renovation plans.

Benefit of Building Basement Kitchen

basement kitchen ideas on a budget

Building a small kitchen in a basement becomes a trend nowadays for many reasons. As an amenity that completes the new experience of having a living area down in the basement, a kitchen requires a little less maintenance than the other ones. Besides, it also has a few benefits once you decided to start building one.

Various Design Opportunity

basement kitchenette cost

The basement of a residential building is commonly an open concrete space below the ground floor. The abundance of space will provide you with as many design opportunities as possible; some may not be possible to create on the main level of the house. You can try with placing a tiny kitchen at one end of the space that provides a more spacious area for other functions or building a small dimension kitchen island as a beverage center.

Multiple Uses

basement kitchen bar ideas

Having a basement kitchen will make a dinner party or a game night with families and friends a bit more hassle-free than before. You don’t have to run back and forth delivering foods or snacks to your guests. Any basement occasion you’ll have will keep your main kitchen clean.
If you’ve opted for building an apartment to rent, a basement kitchen will give additional value for the rate you’ll charge. Even if extra family members occupy it, the second kitchen will sufficiently provide space for everyone who wishes to use it for any purposes.

Improved Space Utilization

Before you start with a renovation plan, you need to know if your basement is prepped for it. Older houses usually come with an unfinished basement that requires a little bit more work. However, an improvement of a basement will cost up to 50% lower than building an above-ground addition. There are many finished basement kitchen ideas to dwell on with the remaining budget.

Cost Savings

basement kitchens photos

Looking from the financial side, building a basement kitchen is an excellent option due to the basement’s position. A basement kitchen idea of a house is either partially or entirely below the ground. It makes all the utilities required such as water, gas, or electricity lines can be accessed easily. Adding a kitchen sink will not be a problem since plumbing and drains are usually located near the basement. The renovation will not cost you much, but the value it’ll add to your property’s selling point is quite significant once you decide to resale the house.

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Basement Kitchen Pictures & Design Ideas

Now that your basement is ready for some renovation, it is time for you to start creating a concept of what kind of kitchen you’re going to build. You can begin with focusing on its function, or using the style you can’t wait to try. Find that one design that will suit your need the most, or the one that will amaze the guests at your next dinner party. Here are 15 basement kitchen ideas that can inspire you to build your own:

Basement Kitchen Bar

basement kitchen ideas on a budget
Photo by Sendero Homes

Utilizing that one spacious corner of your basement, a kitchen bar would be a perfect idea. Dim lights, brick walls, and a mixture of wooden and metal materials are giving you the old town bar vibe. Adding a few bar stools will allow you to have some refreshments with friends or family while prepping foods for any occasion. It is a way to bring the coziness of a bar to your basement. A mounted metal wine rack will complete the ambiance of your kitchen bar too while showing off your wine collection at the same time.

Small Basement Kitchen

basement kitchen pictures
Photo by Willowood Homes

If you prefer to maximizing the space of your basement into a large living area, adding a small kitchen at one side is a great option. This kitchen will certainly make the most of the space you’re working on, instead of leaving an empty wall unused. Try adding a few cabinets for storage and open shelves to give an impression of a bigger space. You can also utilize the countertop to place the pantry supplies.

Rustic Basement Kitchen

basement kitchen bar ideas
Photo by AC Home Design LLC

Are you looking for a nature-inspired design to create that warm ambiance for your basement kitchen? A rustic theme might be the perfect one for you. Instead of using the commonly used materials to build the kitchen island, go with the more raw and natural ones like unpolished wood pieces. It will complement your wooden floor and ultimately creating a perfect rustic style of the space. Use earthy tones for the colors of the cabinets, shelves, and bar stools. Finally, pick warm lights to complete the overall design.

Basement Mini Kitchen

basement kitchens photos
Photo by Culshaw Kitchen Makers

When your basement is not spacious enough, there is a way to make the most of the space and still have a kitchen built on it. Try to create a tiny kitchen that will work just as well as the bigger size ones. In creating a tiny kitchen, it is essential to get more versatile items of furniture that can be used in many different ways. Instead of getting upper cabinets and counters, build a customized kitchen shelf that will fit all your equipment and supplies. Designing this mini kitchen will be fun; you can use the image above as an inspiration. It is also a perfect basement kitchen idea on a budget.

Basement Kitchenette

images of basement kitchenettes
Photo by Nicole Brault Design Inc.

Have you heard the term kitchenette? The main difference between a kitchen and a kitchenette is mainly the size. When a kitchen requires a certain amount of space to build, a kitchenette can be made in a small part of a room. If you don’t have big enough space down in your basement, worry not! You can store a small fridge, a microwave, even a sink into a kitchenette. Try adding a custom made sliding door to hide the kitchenette when it is not being used. This way, the room will feel more spacious even if it has a kitchenette at one side. Moreover, the cost to build a kitchenette is way cheaper than a regular sized kitchen.

Contemporary Basement Kitchen

finished basement kitchen ideas
Photo by Tigg Coll Architects

Contemporary is one of the most popular interior styles, especially for a kitchen design. It is because the contemporary style is emphasizing on minimalism and simplicity. A contemporary kitchen looks clean and elegant, and its minimalism makes the whole area looks spacious. This way, your kitchen will never go out of style with all the simple cabinetry, stainless steel accents, and neutral color palettes. Try to combine those elements as the image above—metallic cabinetry with a wooden countertop and kitchen island with round edges. Add a glass pendant light to enhance the ambiance even more.

Family Room Basement

small basement kitchen bar ideas
Photo by Neal’s Design Remodel

If you’re planning on building a cozy and spacious family room in your basement, a small kitchen will be a great addition. Having a place to chill and relax with your family members with a beverage center close by may a little bit hard to get on the main level of the house. You can turn one corner of the basement into a small kitchen that hides behind a sliding door.

Fresh Looking Kitchen

small basement kitchenette ideas
Photo by Contemporary Basement, Chicago

Kitchen is the heart of the house, so does the second kitchen you’re planning to get in your basement. If you prefer a fresh, natural, and sleek looking kitchen, this one can be a great inspiration to begin. Try on combining smooth wooden materials with marble countertop to achieve an everlasting style for your kitchen island and cabinetry. Adding a few greens such as easy to grow herbs or wheat grass will give a pop of color to your kitchen as well.

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Basement Bar

basement kitchenette bar ideas

Forget spending the weekend at your favorite bar—bring it to your basement instead. When you can turn that extra nook of your kitchen, you can turn it into a bar by adding a few bar stools. A wooden nook will add the warmth and coziness of the kitchen, just like a bar should be. A combination of metallic and wooden bar stools will give a modern touch to the whole design. Don’t forget to add a little decoration to complete the theme—hang your favorite player’s jersey on the wall to bring the hype of the game when you throw a Superbowl party with friends. This is one of great basement kitchen bar ideas you can add to your renovation plan.

Basement Recreation Room

kitchen in basement legal
Photo by Ryan Duebber Architect, LLC

You can turn your basement into a recreation room for entertainment purposes. Getting a small kitchen in it can be pretty functional, especially when you’re hosting a get together with friends, or a movie night with your children. Moreover, the kitchen can be styled in matching colors with the recreation room to make it as a part of the whole area.

Traditional Basement Design

cost to build a kitchenette
Photo by House Plans and More

When some people prefer a modern looking kitchen, we can’t deny the fact that the traditional one has that distinctive feature to love. A traditional design offers a cozy, homey feeling to your kitchen—a perfect one for you who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. This design is known for detailed and decorative accessories, crown molding, luxurious countertops, and neutral color palette. Adding vintage model bar stools that match the set of the kitchen will give even more style to the kitchen.

Wooden Kitchen

basement kitchenette pictures
Photo by Martin Moore

If you’re planning on renovating your basement in a wooden-themed style, the kitchen you wanted to include can be styled in according to it. Try using metallic elements to complement the wooden ceiling and floor of your basement. All metallic cabinetry, kitchen supplies, and items of furniture will make your kitchen shines and stands out in the room.

Basement Kitchen Storage

basement kitchen ideas small
Photo by Spiral Cellars

Turning your basement into kitchen storage is a great idea to explore when you’re on renovating. Especially if you wanted to keep your kitchen clean and spacious with less clutter around. Use the storage to keep all your kitchen supplies and groceries away, and your kitchen is always looking tidy.

Farmhouse Kitchen

basement bar designs
Photo by 1st Option

Try infusing your kitchen design plan with a farmhouse aesthetic to achieve both contemporary and traditional style. The most subtle feature of a modern farmhouse kitchen is the domination of the color white. This color is also enhancing the brightness of your kitchen, even if it is built down in the basement with not much natural light sources. Also, try to use open shelving instead of cabinets to store your utensils and equipment to give a casual feeling to the whole room.

Fancy Basement Kitchen

small basement bar ideas
Photo by Marazzi Design

When you have a little extra budget in your pocket, take that extra mile to get a fancy basement kitchen of your dream. A fancy yet luxurious kitchen is perfect for you who spend a lot of time in it, both for cooking activities or even as a working space. This type of kitchen usually takes a large area to built, due to its many features and fantastic design. Try to combine wooden elements with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops to get the sleek and modern looking for your kitchen. Adding beam lighting on the ceiling and at the bottom of the kitchen island is a great inspiration to make the kitchen looks elegant and bright.


Renovating your basement into a living area with a kitchen has become a trend for many reasons. Other than the fact that it is a perfect idea to utilize unused space in the house, a basement kitchen has many purposes that are not limited only for cooking activities. You can go with small basement kitchen layouts to a more fancy one – there are many design inspirations to add to your renovation plans and get that second kitchen you’ve been dreaming for a while.

30+ Kitchen Hood Ideas 2019 Trend (Modern, Rustic, Custom, Island)

Kitchen Hood Ideas – Let’s agree that making food is an exhausting activity for most of us. There’s a variety of talents needed to put into cooking. Shopping for ingredients is already a tiresome job, yet sometimes the food doesn’t taste as good as expected. Wasted time and effort on a few cooking failures can make people hate cooking. That’s why most people prefer buying food instead of cooking for themselves. But, cooking our own food ensures health and saves money. That’s why it’s worth the time and effort for some people.

Nowadays, people design their house as beautiful as possible so that they feel happy doing anything in their house. Kitchen is one part of the house that needs to look pleasant and comfortable so that people can enjoy cooking their food. But, the kitchen needs several features always to look clean and beautiful. One of them is the kitchen hood.

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The kitchen hood is an integral part of the kitchen to keep the kitchen clean and pretty. It keeps smoke, heat, and steam away from the kitchen using filtration and ventilation system. It also keeps the furniture in the kitchen from oil and grease buildup. Without it, the kitchen will need cleaning more often..

Kitchen Hood Design Ideas

Kitchen Hood Design Ideas

There are so many kitchen hood designs out there. You will need to choose one to match your kitchen style and to fulfill your preferences. For this purpose, we gathered and categorized some range hood designs so that you can find the right one for you.

Modern Kitchen Hood Ideas

Modern kitchen style usually looks simple yet appealing. To give the futuristic touch, they are usually made of shiny materials, like metals. Here are some kitchen hoods that will make your kitchen looks ahead of its time.

Shiny tube

unique range hood ideas

The curvy shape and the shiny metals of this kitchen hood will match the modern look of the kitchen. Also, the shape and the materials of this kitchen hood will make the cleaning process easier.

Metallic panel

kitchen island vent hood ideas
Photo by David Bucovy Architect.

The simplistic yet modern design of this kitchen hood makes you wonder if this one is produced by Apple. But, don’t let the simple design fool you. It will get the smoke and heat away from the kitchen just as good as the other kitchen hoods!

Glass layered

custom kitchen hood ideas
Photo by Clear Choice Remodeling.

Even though this one is not made of shiny materials, it still gives the modern impression in its way. It has curved glass below it so the smoke will be more focused. Also, the glass material used in this kitchen hood will make cleaning job easier.

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Rustic Kitchen Hood Ideas

Rustic Kitchen Hood Ideas

Rustic kitchen hoods will be the right choice if the house or the kitchen adopts the traditional style. This kitchen hood style made to perfectly blend with wood, concrete, and granite pattern in its surrounding environment. Here are some rustic kitchen hoods ideas to consider.

Simple metallic pyramid

kitchen cabinet hood designs

This simple kitchen hood will accentuate the traditional elements of the kitchen. People will feel like going back to the 1960s era with this kitchen hood in the house.

Wooden Pyramid

hood decorations
Photo by Bestlaminate.

Wood can also accentuate traditional elements without becoming corroded over time. The downside of using wood as kitchen hood material is its vulnerability to fire, water, and termites.

Classical style

kitchen hood ideas images
Photo by Trueblood Design-Build.

This kitchen hood will give a classical European impression of the kitchen. This kitchen hood is best combined with wooden cabinets. The wood used in this one is also customized so that it can minimize its vulnerability.

Custom Kitchen Hood Ideas

kitchen island vent hood ideas

You don’t have to follow certain style that already adopted by so many houses nowadays. You can make your kitchen design different from the others. With so many building materials available to choose, you can customize any part of your kitchen based on your preferences.


pictures of range hood designs
Photo by Kyle Lindsey Custom Homes.

Marble is a great material for a kitchen hood. It’s strong and has many color varieties to choose from. Marble can make the kitchen hood looks more artistic. Besides, using marble can also make a custom shape. A chimney-like shape is a good example.

Old palace style

kitchen range hood ideas
Photo by Emmanuel Design Group, LLC.

Kitchen hood can also blend with its environment. One of the way to that is to customize it this way. The dark cabinet combined with this kitchen hood will accentuate the Gothic style of your kitchen.

Square wood-covered hood

kitchen range hoods ideas

The wood material can also be added to the kitchen to look more natural. This gorgeous wood covering will make the kitchen look eco-friendly.

Bright scalloped hood

kitchen hood designs pictures

The wood covering can be curved and scalloped like this to make the kitchen prettier. This kind of hood decorations will make people inside the kitchen feel good instantly.

Robust wood-covered hood

rustic kitchen hood ideas

The kitchen can be made to look wider by blending the kitchen hood and the kitchen. It can be done by merging the kitchen hood to the kitchen wall. By doing this, the kitchen will look neat, clean, and simple.

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Kitchen Wall-Mount Hood Ideas

custom kitchen hood ideas

Kitchen hood can also be attached to your kitchen walls. It allows the ventilation to be more efficient. The direct contact of the kitchen hood to the wall will exhaust your smoke and heat better without disrupting other parts of your kitchen.

Wall-mount hoods can be applied to your kitchen if there are no cabinets above your cooktop. You can use cabinet hoods instead if your cooktop has cabinets above it.

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Stainless steel pyramid

kitchen hood design ideas
Photo by Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home.

You can match your kitchen hood color to match with the color theme of your kitchen. If your kitchen mostly colored with gray, you can simply choose a basic metallic pyramid-shaped hood. Lastly, don’t forget to make sure it’s stainless steel.

Short stainless steel pyramid

range hood ideas images
Photo by MainStreet Design Build.

The best thing about a basic metallic pyramid-shaped hood is that it also allows you to combine it with other colors, especially the basic one like white. It won’t ruin the clean look of your filled-with-white kitchen. This one is suitable for kitchen with low ceiling.

Curved stainless steel pyramid

range hood designs
Photo by Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath.

Moreover, you don’t have to use the basic pyramid-shaped hood. You can always choose the curved one if that fits better with your kitchen style.

Kitchen Cabinet Hood Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Hood Ideas

Cabinet can be the right place to put your kitchen hood. This is because cabinet hood can save space. You can still use extra cabinet without sacrificing space for your kitchen hood. Cabinet hoods differ in many shapes and styles, here are kitchen cabinet hood designs for you to choose from.

Fresh style hood

pictures of kitchen hoods
Photo by Plesser’s Appliance.

If you love simplicity, this might be the right style for your kitchen hood. With the seamless joint between the glass-front cabinet and the kitchen hood, your kitchen will look neat without sacrificing essential features.

Gothic style hood

hoods kitchen cabinets
Photo by Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR).

This one seems more simple and smoother than the fresh style hood. Dark color accentuates the elegant vibe of the kitchen.

Classical style hood

kitchen range hood designs
Photo by Bernhard Normand Construction.

If you’re the type of person that loves renaissance-styled building, this hood is the perfect choice. This hood will emphasize the artistic elements in the kitchen style. It has even more seamless-looking cabinets.

Plain and simple hood

hood kitchen tile design
Photo by Gaile Guevara.

This hood is the best choice for people who adore simplicity. By far, this is the simplest cabinet and hood combination we’ve got. But, it still looks nice to the eyes.

Under Cabinet Hood

kitchen cabinet hood designs

The kitchen hood can also be placed beneath your cabinets. By placing it beneath the cabinets, you can have more extra space to use.

If you don’t care about seams of your kitchen hood, you can try these types of the hood. These hoods will vent your smoke and heat a lot better than the seamless ones before.

Light yet effective hood

kitchen hood wood designs
Photo by Barbra Bright Design.

This is the alternative to the fresh style before. It could ventilate the kitchen better without sacrificing the neat look of the kitchen.

Strong yet concise hood

custom range hood designs
Photo by Braam’s Custom Cabinets.

This one is the alternative to the gothic style. It still keeps the elegant vibe but with the stronger ventilation system of the hood. This hood can remove smoke and heat from the kitchen more effectively.

Sleek and simple hood

decorative range hoods for gas stoves
Photo by Urrutia Design.

This one keeps the sleek style of the kitchen without sacrificing the effectiveness of the kitchen hood. The metallic material of the hood can also be cleaned easier. This hood will make the work in the kitchen a lot less exhausting.

Kitchen Island Vent Hood Ideas

Kitchen Island Vent Hood Ideas

Island is a part of the room that is resembling an island, especially in being isolated, detached, or surrounded in some way. If the kitchen has an island, a vent hood becomes an even more important feature to have, because the kitchen island is exposed to pollution from different sides. We have three types of kitchen hood to choose for kitchen island.

Professional looking vent hood

custom range hoods for kitchen
Photo by A360 a r c h i t e c t s.

This elegant and professional looking vent will be the right choice if the kitchen adopts a modern style. It looks sophisticated and won’t be outdated easily over time.

Contemporary looking vent hood

unique range hoods
Photo by Cabinets To Go.

This one looks elegant and professional too, but it can also blend with the natural themed kitchen. This one will be the best choice if you are looking for a kitchen vent with more flexible appliances.

Modern Looking Vent Hood

small range hood ideas
Photo by European Cabinets & Design Studios.

This one looks modern just like the previous two, but it might be better than the two. It can fit stronger fans inside that obviously will make the vent works more efficient. Choose this one if you need a stronger yet good-looking vent hood for your kitchen.

Small Range Hood Ideas

Small Range Hood Ideas

Sometimes your kitchen is not as big as the others have. But that doesn’t mean your kitchen doesn’t need a vent hood. A small kitchen can make the smoke and heat even more focused inside the kitchen. You don’t want your kitchen becomes a stressful place because of the pollution. That makes the vent hood an even more important feature for a small kitchen.

Mini stainless steel pyramid-shaped vent hood

kitchen hood range ideas
Photo by Martins Camisuli Architects.

This one might look like the standard stainless steel pyramid-shaped vent hood, but it isn’t. It’s smaller and directly connected to the wall. The simple vent will do the work just as fine as the standard vent, with extra space to save for a small kitchen.

Mini modern-looking vent hood

diy range hood ideas
Photo by U+G Estudio de Arquitectura.

If the kitchen is small and simple but still look modern, this one will suit the kitchen better. The basic square shape and the white color it has will accentuate the state-of-the-art style of the kitchen.


Choosing a kitchen hood can be a hard thing to do for most people. People need to consider the power consumption, costs, fan power, kitchen layout, and the exhaust system. This article might help to choose one based on the vent hood designs, the kitchen layout, and the exhaust system. But people have to consider the other factors too. Because, choosing the unsuitable kitchen hood can cause problems such as rising costs, power failure, poor ventilation system, even dirty-looking kitchen.

17+ Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After Ideas 2019 Trends

Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After – A kitchen is the core area in any house, especially for cooking and dining. Also, a kitchen sometimes used for the entertainment needs of family nowadays. Therefore, there is a huge demand to remodel galley kitchen that full of style with luxury looks. However, it is quite complicated to perform a galley kitchen renovation on your own. Remodeling process will need specific planning and plenty of research to do.

It is better for you to find inspiration of a before and after kitchen ideas. To deploy a special makeover for your galley kitchen. Though, it is the matter of a personal preference of a proper remodel. You can get an idea of a stylish and modern galley kitchen from professional designers. Remember to browse an example of your future galley kitchen remodel if you need a specific renovation.

What is Galley Kitchen?

Some galley kitchens inherits its name from the likeness of a kitchen on board a ship that was called “The Galley”. The famous trademark of galley kitchen design is in their layout. For instance, the kitchen appliances that face each other and joint in straight lines. Thus, this kitchen often includes hanging cabinets, dish racks and hanging pots that connected to the ceiling. It means that the galley kitchen can maximize the storage and also reduce the movement in preparing the dishes.

Most of the apartments and modern house nowadays applies a galley kitchen design because space is limited. Fortunately, the nature of a galley kitchen design creates a streamlined look that gives a wider area to cook. Nevertheless, try to remodel to the galley kitchens before and after if you have a small area of the kitchen. The galley kitchen is the classic style area that brings simplicity and provides plenty of advantages for the owners.

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Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After Ideas

To maximize the benefits of the galley kitchen it is important for the designers to find a galley kitchen ideas that suits to their space. Overall, it is really challenging to decide a galley kitchen remodel inside a small place in the process. So to speak, you have to carefully plan the size of your future galley kitchen design. Make sure to measure first before you start doing research or even purchasing the kitchen appliances.

The galley kitchen is a traditional design with plenty of useful value provided. In general, the galley design will fit the need for a small size house and apartment. There is so many collections of galley kitchen design spread all over the internet. Hence, it is recommended for you to begin evaluating the space of your galley kitchen dream. Observe the kitchen remodel ideas that been provide below and try to imagine it for your own kitchen space. Here are some of the best kitchen remodel before and after ideas that you can replicate immediately.

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Tiny Kitchen to Spacy Kitchen

small galley kitchen makeovers
Photo by cliqstudios.com

The first galley kitchen remodels ideas are from New York city renovation designers. It is feature with CliqStudios Dayton that provides the crown molding, white kitchen cabinets, and proficient gas range. The ideas of this kitchen remodel are due to a dark and tiny corner sink without any room to move around. Overall, the kitchen renovation has succeed in increasing the kitchen space. They were able to create spectacular ideas for small kitchen makeover with outstanding quality.  

Old Fashion Design to Aesthetic Design

small galley kitchen knock it off
photo by cliqstudios.com

This stunning galley kitchen remodel is build by a couple of constructions specialist. They successfully combine both of their dreams into a living piece of art. As they put a lot of ideas from the old fashion kitchen into a beautiful aesthetic galley kitchen design. The cost of remodeling is also rising especially the cabinets. It took one year for them to finish the kitchen renovation. Certainly, their hard work finally paid with the wonderful modification of the everlasting galley kitchen design.

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Cramped Galley to Wider Galley

galley kitchens before and after
Photo by Bhg.com

Before this galley kitchen is remodeled the design was really old makes the quarters cramped. Though, the owners still want to keep the original classic design. Thus, a designer apply smarter design ideas into this old-style galley by removing the wall between the dining room and the kitchen. Surprisingly, space is drastically changing into a wider and luxurious galley kitchen area. It not just makes the galley ten inches bigger but also increase the storage room for a peninsula. The renovation turns the old fashion galley into a timeless modern white galley kitchen.

Narrow to Roomy

galley kitchen makeovers photos
Photo by Cliqstudio.com

This galley kitchen remodels project took about a year to finish it because it was a DIY project by the owner. They starts the renovation by raising the ceiling first. Then, they knock out the wall on the left to creates an additional room six feet along the side of the galley. After that, they install new high-quality cabinets using plywood construction. Those material were really easy to install makes the modification fits perfectly in the remaining galley kitchen.

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Messy to Well-Organize

small galley kitchen remodel
Photo by Cliqstudio.com

A transitional style of remodeling this galley kitchen brings a well-organized delightful vibe into space. Furthermore, the process of remodeling this kitchen runs really smooth because the material was shipped quickly. Also, the cabinets installation was really easy without any obstacle in the way. Undoubtedly, it is highly recommend to use kitchen appliances from the CliqStudios.

Darker To Brighter

kitchen remodels before and after pictures
Photo by Cliqstudio.com

Some vendors who decide to add more lighting on the ceiling that illuminates the whole area. The painted white cabinets from Click studios offers plenty of value with the quality products. One of the advantages is the rising of the storage room for a new stove and oven. This is absolutely the fabulous galley style kitchen design modification project by Rockford.

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Untidy to Elegant

kitchen makeovers for small kitchens
Photo by Cliqstudio.com

As you all can see before the galley kitchen successfully remodeled it was a small, dark and untidy kitchen. That poor cute dog in the picture shows how narrow the space in the galley. Needless to say, most of the ideas of the renovation was taken from Houzz and Pinterest. Nevertheless, the whole family manage to build a warm and elegant galley kitchen after twelve exhausting days. Though some of the ideas came as the design already in fifty percent progress. The final kitchen design was really fulfilling the owners need. Making it the most authentic galley kitchen design.

Ineffective to Effective

gallery kitchen makeover photos
Photo by Cliqstudio.com

This galley kitchen design was inspired from a 1961 kitchen style. Although, there are some changes in the kitchen layout. The designer manages to create an effective layout that could put more food storage and cabinet. Moreover, the new improvement of galley kitchen layout makes the movement area become minimal. This is a good thing for anyone that wants to increase their productivity in the galley kitchen.  

Shorter to Longer

galley kitchen designs photo gallery
Photo by Gordon Beall

One previous picture of this memorable galley kitchen had a serious problem with space. The area was too short and narrow for anybody to move. Also, the storage room was really limited to the new appliances. Hence, the remodel project begins with the update in ceiling cabinets that can upgrade the storage space. The diagonal floor tiles improve the looks of the galley make it seems longer and also put some elegant touch inside the kitchen.

Alley to Galley

how to remodel a galley kitchen

A size of the preceding kitchen model was just around nine feet wide. Some people will see the galley more as a Bowling Alley rather than a cooking area. On the other hand, the designer Mary Douglas Drysdale magnificently add a several feet addition on one side of the galley. Make it wider space in the center island and more sitting area of the dining room. Certainly, the bowling alley turns to be a modern and valuable galley kitchen design.

Inadequate to Modern

The first thought of former galley design was a tiny and inadequate storage space inside the small room. It was not ideal for any family to cook or even eat here. Fortuitously, the owner of this galley prospered the renovation with a little effort by replaced some cabinets. In general, they are installed recessed-panel shaker-style from existing cabinetry. Also, the replaced cabinet painted with a sunny yellow color to give modern spirit to the rest of the galley kitchen area. This spectacular remodel gives a bright light that illuminates the whole kitchen space make it looks more fun and joyful.

Cramped to Entertaining

kitchen remodels before and after
Photo by Anjie Cho

This messy and cramped galley kitchen area was really small that only can fit one person. It creates a stressful area where the owner could not entertain the guess while preparing a meal. For the most part, it needs more room for cabinets, kitchen appliances and also food storage. Luckily a professional kitchen designer called Anjie Cho efficaciously knock out the wall that blocks the galley area and Livingroom. Then, she adds galley kitchen remodel with island and extension for seating. The open space idea gave a chance for more movement in the galley. It allows the owner to pleasure the guess while cooking in the galley kitchen.

Colorless to Warm

hgtv galley kitchen makeovers
Photo by Anjie Cho

This kitchen had a major problem in the lighting. The galley area was really dark before it was remodeled. On the contrary, the painted white cabinets were not able to increase the brightness inside the kitchen. It brings a sad vibe and really old-style of the galley area.

Alternatively, the designer chooses to remove the wall between the hallway to the galley area. They also added an island on the center of the dining room with a warm hanging light pendant illuminates the space. Now, the galley successfully added cheerful vibes for the family to spend their time after the kitchen renovation.

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Ancient to Contemporary

kitchen remodels for small kitchens
Photo by Jennifer Allison

Take a few years back into the 60’s era where the kitchen is featured with a gloomy and narrow space. Before the galley kitchen was modified it brings a claustrophobic feeling to the owners. The vision lines were sternly limited blocked by the upper galley kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, the galley expert designer Jennifer Allison reduced the height of the upper galley cabinets to increase the vision lines. Then, she protracted the island and filled the kitchen with more brighter colors. The remodeling of the 60’s galley finally returned to the future galley kitchen style.

Inefficient to Larger

before and after kitchen remodels with prices
Photo by SBM Photography

A true area of the kitchen was a short L shape and it was narrow but had a long line. It was lacked storage and cabinets space. The galley was rather dark with poor ventilation makes the owner suffocate while cooking the dinner. Thus, the designer Jeanine Williams effectively create a larger L shape space by taking four square of floor area from the other room. The ventilation was also improved by installing updated ductwork. The designer also put some lighting in the ceiling to develop the galley brightness. In the end, a new island was added to doubled the storage space.

Odd to Welcoming

A lack of imagination is the perfect word to describe this severely ugly galley kitchen. The kitchen was missing of personality by the owner. It looks boring from the narrow quarters to the cramped counter space. The dining area was really small and dark it uses strange layout design. Also, the storage space is limited by the quality of the materials. Basically, the first thing that the Grayler Construction do as the designer for this dreadful kitchen has removed the wall to creates a liberated personality. Then, the extend the custom-made millwork to give uniqueness and sparkle view.


The galley kitchen is a classic style of kitchen design. It needs more imagination and some expert’s recommendation to improve the looks of the old galley kitchen. While the owner of the galley kitchen could also do some research and remodel the new galley kitchen space based on their own ideas. Therefore, it is recommend for the owner of the galley kitchen measure the size to creates a specific plan of the future galley kitchen. Make sure to prepare some extra budget due to the new and updated storage space of your dream galley kitchen design.

17+ Kitchen Bay Window Ideas (Type of Window & How to Decorate)

Kitchen Bay Window – Generally, the only space that communicates with the world is the window when viewed from the inside of the house. The windows, which are essential as for the kitchen, it requires windows to circulate the air in the house. Furthermore, the appearance of the window should be part of the kitchen as an essential point of the interior and exterior of the home.

Usually, windows that match with the kitchen use it appropriately as an interior element as the nice functions. It saves the atmosphere of the space of the kitchen to cook serve the food in the house. Also, it is an angled bay or bay with a window seat; it will make the kitchen look more substantial.

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Therefore, various expressions can be made in the space according to the shape and bay window size. The kitchen bay windows are used as the optical illusion; it will easily design a small kitchen in your house. The kitchen bay window can be made visually wider by creating one big size or maybe a tiny window wall.

What Is Kitchen Bay Window?

Traditional Bay Window Style

In short, an angled bay is probably the most common window that comes to mind when someone says “bay window.” In particular, kitchen bay window definition is a window extended across the interior of the kitchen and finished as an expansion of the floor. Thus, one of the best ways to make a cooking space feel more substantial is to try some kitchen bay window.

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Furthermore, installing a bay window for your kitchen area is relatively affordable, especially if you do it yourself. Kitchen window styles can dramatically enhance a kitchen’s appeal, value, and design. Therefore, a bay window is a great way to create an added decoration to your kitchen room.

Types Of Kitchen Bay Window

What Is Kitchen Bay Window?

Even though bay windows create in several different styles, it all have one thing in common on their project. For instance, kitchen bay windows brighten the rooms with an abundance of natural light and provide interesting architectural details. Furthermore, any window offers several advantages in a kitchen interior beyond their aesthetic appeal, including an additional space.

1. Traditional Bay Window Style

decorating bay window area

An original bay window would comprise three adjacent window panels that are protruding from the wall. Moreover, the side of the windows is at an angle, while the middle picture window runs a parallel to the wall. Usually, the central window is a fixed window; each side window comes in either casement or double-hung style. Therefore, the nook area inside a bay window is used as a window seat.

2. Box Bay Window in Kitchen

decorating kitchen windows ideas

Above all, a box bay windows have a small side at a 90-degree angle reach to the middle of the window. It is forming more of a rectangle as the box bays may have a single window in the center. Furthermore, the box bay could be more profound than traditional bay windows; as the interior is often used as seating.

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3. Bow Window

decorating kitchen window sills

Generally, a bow window forms a gentle curve instead of sharp angles, with each window is identical. A bow window referred to a 4-lite or more bow, according to the number of windows. Similarly to the traditional bay window as the middle windows are fixed, with the capability to open and close. In short, the window also seats commonly on these windows because bow windows typically match with traditional-style homes.

4. Garden Windows Design

Garden Windows Design

In general, the garden windows design are typically found directly behind the kitchen sink. Furthermore, these windows are much smaller than the other three types of bay windows; instead of having an interior window seat. In brief, these garden windows usually feature a middle shelf as addition with small plants such as fresh herbs. Along with the top of a garden window, there is also a glass that providing additional light for plants.

Kitchen Bay Window Ideas

kitchen bay window ideas

The fact that bay windows are pretty much a project of window decoration on the walls, which somehow looks like the window is coming out of the walls – most of these bay windows have seating in them. And of course, not every bay window has room.

Kitchen bay windows pretty much likely an instrument to add some pretty look in your kitchen. It usually placed over the sink to create a bigger space when you do the dishes. However, there are more ideas for the kitchen bay windows to make you enjoy the kitchen even more.

Kitchen Bay Window Over Sink

Kitchen Bay Window Over Sink

In particular, kitchen bay windows are pretty much a project of window decoration on the walls.  Thus, somehow looks like the window is coming out of the walls – most of these bay windows have seating in them. However, not every bay window has seating as there are other ideas, for example, curtains.

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Furthermore, kitchen bay windows is an instrument to add some pretty look in your kitchen usually placed over the sink. Likewise, to create a comfortable kitchen when you do the dishes, bay window over the sink is one of suggestion.  In short, there are more ideas for the kitchen bay windows design to enjoy your kitchen even more.

Small in Tropical Kitchen

bay window ideas bedroom
Photo by Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

Generally, the kitchen looks a little bit small to do the dishes, however, the material decorated with a marble stone interior. Also, there is a minimal decoration like flowers as the color of wood surrounding a white bay window. Thus, it is the look for a luxurious, yet, simple kitchen as the drawers have this raw wood.

Traditional Bay Window

bay window ideas kitchen
Photo by Daniel M Swain, Architect

Contrarily, the finish look on the cabinets and drawers are just excellent as the color of the window sill. As the wooden cabinets are combined within the interior to create a traditional look. Eventually, it is a very general kitchen interior design that people may see as the center of concept with all brown.

Neat and White

how to decorate a bay window ledge
Photo by Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction

As usual, there are black marble and white kitchens design that create the right combination. Indeed, both of them is a classic color combination, and people tend to love a neat look in their kitchen. Afterward, the lamps that hang above the sink is symmetrically in the same spotlight as the drawers as an addition.

Larger Window

bay window ideas for curtains
Photo by homedesignlover.com

In particular, it is a modern interior look as the kitchen get the touch of the brown and white combination. The look of a bay window over the sink is given a much bigger space even to be able to put a plant there. Although white is a bit boring, the brown wall helps to create a great color combination on the kitchen.

Contemporary Elegance

bay window living room layout
Photo by homedesignlover.com

Another contemporary approach for the kitchen’s bay window although this design does not have that wood drawers material. In particular, a black marble combination with the bay window color theme is the mix in a modern way. A classic white window that looks neat – because it does not have any lines except for the base. That creates the kitchen space to become fancier.

Harmonious Vibe

bay window design ideas exterior
Photo by Ruthie Staalsen Interiors

Indeed, this type of kitchen bay window is something a classic bay window would look likes. In detail, it has a many mirror partition by the this kitchen window sills design as it looks like a regular window. This bay window is something sleek, simple and clean-looking that I think sure looks pretty awesome as it juxtaposed. Specifically, a harmonious vibe gave by the kitchen’s design color that seems traditional.

Kitchen Bay Window Seat

For instance, enjoying a lovely view outside the house through your window can relaxing your day indoors. As you catch up on your activity along with a fabulous window seat that could overlook the outdoor scenic landscape. It even more tantalizing when there is a connection the interior inside with the garden outside.

In brief, kitchen bay window seats is a design to comfort the indoor seating with the aesthetics of the outdoors. It becomes a bridge that connects both the realms to enjoy your house. Specifically, it is easy to install as in modern homes large glass windows are becoming a standard room to gather with family.

Royal Atmosphere

bay window ideas with window seat
Photo by GEORGE Interior Design

The chandelier that creates a glam image in the kitchen with tons of designs give a comfortable kitchen bay window vibes. Likewise, the design theme is elegant as a whole of the chandelier, the table, and the curtain of the bay window. Therefore, the chosen color of light-gold is used in this kitchen surely made this space luxurious and fancy.

Nice and Calm

small bay window ideas
Photo by Rustic Kitchen

In particular, this kitchen space has much glam in the room as it also brings the calmness to hang out. This type of kitchen sure has something that makes people would not mind being around in the kitchen. Consequently, with the combination design of farmhouse sink, shaker cabinets, a medium tone cabinets marble countertops are supported by white color.

Joyful Spot

how to furnish a bay window
Photo by Orrick & Company

In the background, the blue cushion on kitchen window bay seating looks stand out in a simple kitchen. Regardless, there is nothing against color-themed spaces because some of these spaces are stunning as the furniture is sketchy. Hence, the blue cushion on the bay window seems to overpower the room even when it fills with white and brown color. It merely stated that striking color could dominate others that is the primary color of the space.

Warm Shade

bed in front of bay window
Photo by Point Nexus Consulting Inc.

A kitchen bay window position is in the nook of the kitchen to creates more space. Whether you use it to cook or even put additional horse decoration as a fluffy cushion to support your relax time. Moreover, it is delightful to have a huge bay window in the kitchen that filled with grey marble. Along with the drawers color that is trying to be in sync with the cushion.

Kitchen Bay Window Curtains

In particular, decorating kitchen bay window is a part of an architectural treat of the house, especially when it related to accessories. It must have a graceful look, stylish decoration and natural light flood room likely with an addition. In particular, the control for this abundance by drawing attention to the beautiful feature, for example like curtains.

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There are many different window treatment especially using a curtain as a decoration. Generally, the curtain represents a window space that protrudes outward from the walls of a building or a bay’s form. Hence, that is one of the most tricky things to do as you have to find the right curtain design. Here are some ideas and approaches that can take to dressing your bay windows:

Shallow Balcony-like

bay window designs
Photo by Photo by Grande Interiors.

Specifically, if you want to have one curtain, then you need to be creative as you choose the feature. The curtain design made by some compromise as it looks in the same color as the interior or furniture. For instance, like a plain white curtain that contrast the window sill and the door colors. Hence, the bay windows can form a shallow balcony-like structure can conceal the whole bay as it closed.

Flexible Curtain

bay window seat
Photo by Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography.

Generally, if the bay windows form in a delicate curve to an angular, it’s possible to find flexible curtain rods. This curtain is useful to expand a small bay window with a little bit with raised-panel cabinets. Moreover, the match of color in the room is so simple as the wooden curtains surrounding by the bay seating.

Nook Side

kitchen bay window with shelves
Photo by Debra Campbell Design.

At any rate, the extra space can become a comfortable room with large, four floor-to-ceiling windows.  In particular, the curtains look extra stylish with a unique material as the color concept is milk chocolate. Then, three curtains is a perfect option for your bay windows as you would cover the windows from above the rods.

Small Bay Window For Kitchen

In general, when a small bay window area is an excellent option to create in the kitchen space. Mainly, the kitchen with a bay window, you can put in front of the central place for example like the sink. In this case, a small bay window placed in the kitchen to create a large image.

As the kitchen is not so broad, and this concept should be considered which also can be helpful. Regardless, you could arrange it as a bay seating or put it near the sink which could always be kitchen display. Here are some of the ideas for a small bay window for your kitchen:

Tiny Garden Place

kitchen bay window over sink cost
Photo by DANIELLE Interior Design & Decor.

A small white kitchen with the allocation of the kitchen’s item in the space table is placed far from the bay. Nevertheless, a bay window can be arranged in a separate space, and the condition is it’s in sync with the basic interior. Thus, the kitchen use the bay window as a mini garden greenhouse window with plants.


kitchen bay window curtains
Photo by Danny Broe Architect.

This kitchen bay window makes things comfortable in an elegant way in which its feature suits the traditional interior. Furthermore, a contemporary kitchen with bay windows seating creates a more simplified look with color diversion. The concept is so smooth as two different colors reduced its bulk.

Clad Bay Window

kitchen windows
Photo by TURN Architects llp.

The small kitchen bay window is clad internally with the solid oak cladding as it creates a spacious vibe. In spite of the spacious look, this kitchen bay is just a single bay with minimalist home design. Therefore, a bay window can be designed as a separate space away from the kitchen room, yet, in contrast with another color scheme in the place..

How to Decorate a Bay Window Ledge

A bay window could be a space to not only to design the room but also to add additional seating and decoration too.  Likewise, the detail of other elements is creating a beautiful harmony to the bay window as well. Furthermore, to get inspiration for decorating a kitchen bay window, here are six ideas:

Vines propagate

In particular, it is beneficial to buy some of the natural grapevine garland, or honeysuckle vine for your kitchen bay window. As both can be purchased with faux berries if you would like to add a pop of color.  Furthermore, this item can be bought at a craft store or order it online as a hammered nail at each corner of the bay window. So that, drape the vine across all of the windows to add in some of the grape leaf or ivy garland.

Shelves or stack

For this purpose, attach shelving at the base of each window to arrange plants and other accessories on the trays. Thus, they can also add other touches of such a vases color in various heights to create gradation. Lastly, put at the top of the hooks on the inside of the windows and add hanging plants in the center of each window.

Bulk Dehydrated Vegetables

All decoration with dried flowers, or dried vegetables for your kitchen window can be made with string dried chili peppers. Furthermore, string beans with a needle and thread, or you can opt to buy them at a craft store. Measure it from the top of your window down to the windowsill as you tack strands close across the entire window. As a result, in the interior window, hang a wreath with peppers, beans, and a matching bow.

Lace Flowers Applique

On the contrary, buy a flowers decoration of lace panels that fit the size of each kitchen bay window. Moreover, this inspiration will allow the light in, also could afford the privacy of the room. Therefore, get a floral garland to match the kitchen as you drape the garland around the tops of the windows. Besides, you can fill in with a new wreath such as fern or leaves.

Seating Arrangements

Mainly, if you do not want a built in the window seat, you can still use your space for seating. As the place of one or two chairs in the nook of the window, depending on how much space. Moreover, add some fluffy pillows to the chairs to have a nice place to relax while reading recipe books, or enjoy a morning coffee.

Sofa table

A sofa table can be used in the kitchen as you place it in the center of the window. Moreover, put some whimsical kitchen design on it like a cookie jar lamp, jars of seeds, dried beans or rice. Accurately, the decoration will fill in the nook of the window plus the items are handy when you need them.


For a beautiful place to fit your kitchen, choose your bay window design, area, and decoration. By adding a seating area, put it over the sink, use it as a storage and place for decoration. Moreover, you’ll have a natural, bright kitchen design because it is an easy way as it gives yourself a bit more comfortable space for cooking.

19+ Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas 2019 Trends (DIY Tips & How to Decorate)

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas – Wall decoration in the kitchen brings a lot of advantages to the appearance of the house. For instance, an artistic handmade wall decoration can inspire the family to improve their productivity in their home. Also, a kitchen decoration can bring a cheerful vibe for the guess while having dinner. On the other hand, a kitchen wall decoration could be a downside for the owner if it is too contrast. Worry not; you can try to find some inspirational that could match your kitchen space.

A collection of kitchen wall decor from the internet might be helpful to increase your ideas. A suitable wall decoration should be able to bring joy for anybody who sees it. However, try to learn a few concepts about kitchen wall decoration before you begin to decor a kitchen wall. There are some beginner tips for you to do kitchen wall decoration by yourself. Here are some tips about kitchen wall decorating ideas that might be useful for your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas Do It Yourself Tips

kitchen decorating ideas

After the kitchen renovation finally comes to an end where the appliances and cabinets are installed. There still one last thing to make your kitchen modification perfect. One of the most important things to finish is the kitchen decorating ideas. Essentially, all you have to do first is by focusing on the empty walls in your kitchen area. Then try to imagine which part is suitable to add some wall decorations. Fortunately, there are some valuable tips for you to make your kitchen wall decoration look fabulous. Here are some pro tips that you can apply to your blank wall.

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Decorative Tile

kitchen decor

A captivating tile pattern in the kitchen can be a magnet for your guess. You can use tile not only on the floor but also as a cover of your empty surface. Begin with covering your wall with an artistic tile pattern like a mural painted tile. It will present a vibrant visual to your whole kitchen area. On the whole, the graphics tile pattern can be one of the options for you who need an easy to clean kitchen decor.

Chalkboard Paint

kitchen wall plaques

If you love to create an artistic font using your handwriting. Then the chalkboard paint kitchen wall decoration might be great for you to apply. Differ from tile pattern in which using permanent paint. The chalkboard paint brings advantages for your desire to create a custom wall decoration. It can quickly be done by placing plain black color to fit the existing color paint in your kitchen surface.

Artistic Display

country kitchen themes ideas

One of the benefits of an open shelves design in your kitchen is the possibility to display some cute kitchen utensils. Try to add some colorful plates or glasses on the lower shelves to prevent them from falling. Alternatively, on the upper part of shelves, you can put some cookbook or decorative object to make an artistic display style of the kitchen wall.

Art Showcase

kitchen wall covering panels

Some painting from famous painters could also be an option for your kitchen art decor. You can choose some modern painting picture to create elegant wall art. In the same way, you can also hang some of your best family pictures by putting it on a picture ledge. Make sure that your painting or drawing are using glass protection of kitchen splatters.

Repurposing Baskets

pictures for kitchen walls

If you love all kind of vintage ornament style that can create a retro vibe in a kitchen. Repurposing some of the good antique baskets might be the best idea for you. A little pro tip is to make sure that you can organize three or four old baskets into a straightforward form. Otherwise, this arrangement is beneficial to rise texture to the blank wall. You can try hanging these antiques as a bohemian or rustic display that will show an astonishing kitchen wall decoration.

Plates & Platters

best interior design kitchen

Most of the people who have plenty of collection of fine china would put it in the cupboard as a display in their kitchen. Alternatively, there are other options for those who love simplicity in their kitchen wall decoration. One of the best options are using platters hanger to display all of your preferred china languish collection. Undoubtedly, this decoration style will be able to free up some space rather than using a cupboard which is already old-fashion.

Pots & Pans

kitchen decor ideas pinterest

Most of the professional chef and also some collector would love to put their cookware as their kitchen wall decoration. To take care of their quality, daily use of pots & pans should be hang on the kitchen wall. Plus, the cookware decoration will bring a retro-world style in the kitchen. Thus, the pots and pans can easily be used and maintained by the owner.


kitchen stone backsplash ideas

With a piece of artwork painted directly on a wall, the kitchen will stimulate the inspiration of anyone who cooks or does the dishes. Hence, you might need a professional mural artist to paint an inspiring wall art. However, there is some scenic mural that you can apply by yourself with the use of wallpaper. Also, with the use of wallpaper, they will save plenty of decoration cost.

Kitchen Garden

simple decor stone

One of the most pleasant blank wall decoration is wall mounted flower or hanging plants. A plant is an excellent investment for your lifetime decoration. In general, wall mounted herbs and flowers risen positive vibes to anybody who loves to spend their time doing the kitchen stuff. It will give more fresh air into the kitchen room which is perfect for those who loves the natural environment.

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Wall Painting

kitchenettes for small spaces

If you run out of an option to decor your wall art for kitchen ideas, try to use one unique wall paint. Then, you can put a simple yet effective modification by coating one wall with paint. Overall, you can paint a bold color to increase the contrast on your kitchen surrounding. This way the blank space will be much more look alive rather than identical wall color.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

The kitchen will gain more respect if it can apply an attractive decoration inside it. In common, to create an astonishing decoration an owner must need a recommendation from a professional home designer. Though, anyone can easily find some wall design ideas from another kitchen in the home decor website. Here are some wall decor ideas from Houzz designer of inspiring wall kitchen that you can add as your kitchen wall decor.

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Country Kitchen Wall Decor

rustic modern decor ideas
Photo by Fraley and Company

Scenery art showcase used in this contemporary kitchen to create an old country style. Two of the picture were the painting of the kitchen owner when they are on the farm. All in all, a hanging country life painting fits perfectly to the wall decoration color. The art display blend with yellow lighting creates a relaxing feeling to the kitchen space.

Unique Kitchen Wall Ornaments

barn red kitchen cabinets
Photo by Sarah Blank Kitchen & Bath Design

A historical steel cast decorates brick wall made this farmhouse kitchen look bewildering. Several pots of the plant near wall decoration create a pleasant environment. For most of the kitchen is dominating by white color paint. Surprisingly, the color blends perfectly to the antique steel wall decoration. It definitely can increase an artistic personality for those who visit the kitchen space.

Kitchen Gallery Wall

kitchen interior design pictures
Photo by Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Hanging some of finest French art showcase to the dining room was a brilliant idea. Though, you might need to put some extra LED light above the ceiling if you want to replicate these hanging art decoration. Essentially, the idea of this astonishing kitchen is to present the owner personality as an artist who had a great artistic taste. Therefore, this type of kitchen is perfect for those who love painting art such as modern art collectors.

Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

small kitchen interior design
Photo by Kaplan Thompson Architects

One of the finest wood lake house kitchen design made by Kaplan architects. A simple green color paint in the center of the kitchen fits perfectly to the natural scenery outside the window. No other wood wall decoration can fit despite the natural scenery itself. Of course, it would be even more flawless to put some original painting on both sides of the kitchen.

Elegant Kitchen Wall Decor

decorations for kitchen wall
Photo by Cristin Priest {Simplified Bee}

There should be a tile pattern to build a contemporary kitchen design. Thus, the owner chooses to put Treillis kitchen wallpaper to increase a modern look for the kitchen. Green color appliances picked in this casual kitchen to bring a little natural view inside the dining room. All the wall ornaments can be found at a local goods shop in San Francisco.

Country Cottage Wall Hangings

how to decorate your kitchen walls
Photo by Terra Maria Home Interiors


Several hanging pots and pans are dominating the whole kitchen blank wall. The black background of the kitchen wall decoration is to create chalkboard paint. No doubt, the owner of this kitchen can easily pour their artistic personality by writing some words into the wall. This will bring free will for anybody who visits the kitchen to write their idea in it.

Vintage Farmhouse Wall Decor

pictures for kitchen wall decor
Photo by Nar Design Group

This kitchen is wonderful by the look of paint color and wall decoration. The mosaic ceramic tiles on the blank space create a unique personality of the owner. Furthermore, the appearances throughout the kitchen represent the kitchen designer love of travel. Some of their finest collection of mementos from their adventure brings adventurous energy. Hence, a refrigerator covering brings an eclectic combination of encaustic tile designs from all over the world.

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Primitive Wall Decor

country cabinets kitchen
Photo by Corynne Pless

On the first sight of this classic wall kitchen design will bring us back to the good old day. The owner chooses colorful vintage wooden wall as their kitchen decoration. On the other hand, a flower picture display and hanging cups risen some new side of the area. Also, few children paintings create a fun vibe to the whole area of this petit vintage kitchen.

Modern Country Decor

dining room artwork decorating

Only one word that can describe the whole area of this astounding modern kitchen space. Certainly, black and white color that covered fancy kitchen appliances captivating everyone eyes. The ultimate wall decoration from the designer is one great black chalkboard paint with some Spanish words on it. Hence, little plants invite the green scenery from the outside to the whole kitchen space. This kitchen is an absolute masterpiece that looks modern but also natural at the same time.

Kitchen Sign Decor

pinterest home decor ideas country
Photo by Fivedot

A small kitchen interior design in the picture was designed by reorganizing the entry of the kitchen appliances. The designer adds some space to create a wider kitchen area where a kitchen wall decoration can fit. A popular word of street signs was chosen to decorate the whole blank wall in the kitchen. Though it might be a little bit wordy, this kitchen can maximize it looks by combining the kitchen decoration with a few simple white lighting.

Kitchen Decor Ideas On A Budget

decor ideas for living room
Photo by SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Schappacher White Architect design this beach style kitchen in New York. The inspiration for whole kitchen decoration was from a kitchen near the LA beach. They put chalkboard paint to put some wall art letters on it. This type of wall decoration is perfect for those who loves spending their vacation on the beach.

Cute Kitchen Decorating Themes

kitchen decorating ideas pinterest
Photo by studiocuvier.se

This rustic cute little kitchen is filled with an amount of display wall decoration. A different jar, some green plants, also a few hanging fine cups and wine glass were placed on the maple wood cabinets. Nevertheless, a little kitchen new surface change into a fabulous kitchen wall design. Certainly, these design ideas of a kitchen are beneficial for those who have a small dining room in their house.


A kitchen wall decoration was not just a compliment to the kitchen area. With some kitchen wall decor ideas, it could be a huge benefit for the clean kitchen surface. Generally, there are plenty of wall kitchen decoration ideas that you can apply based on your kitchen design. All in all, make sure to find the most stylish wall decor ideas so you can make an everlasting beautiful kitchen wall decoration inside your home.

30+ Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After (2019 Trend)

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After – One of the important room in your home is the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of day to day living. People start the day with a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, or milk. Besides, it is the center of making the menu for their breakfast. A good breakfast can be a good mood in your brand new day. That is why looking after the kitchen is necessary. Kitchen is a place to create an aesthetic sculpture and develop your creativity in making it.

A small kitchen can be very functional and practical though it is small. Precisely, you can manage it easily and do not have to worry too much. As long as it is neat and clean, a small kitchen is very enchanting. A perfect combination of materials, items, motives, colors would be never failed. You can save your money and energy by treating the design well. Moreover, your kitchen will be the best place to eat in. This where your life starts.

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen?

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen?

If you feel that it has been unsuitable with your interest, try to remodel it. You might consider some reasons for what should be remodeled. For suggestions, you could remodel its items, looks, functions, and atmosphere. By remodeling it, you could make it as the new start in your activities in the kitchen. Though it is small, it is possible to alter it into a multi-purpose room. Here are some tricks on How to Remodel a Small Kitchen.

Dining Table Remodel with Coordinating Colors

small kitchen remodel before and after
Photo by Pinterest

Sometimes, looking at the dining table, you might consider to change it. Dining table as an important item while dinner holds a significant role in your kitchen. Choose a suitable shape with your interiors. Do not forget to choose the appropriate colors with the theme. One of the alternatives is painting the table with the coordinating colors both on top and the base parts. Coordinating colors means it can be the same or different colors, but when it combines it will look harmonious.

Splash Colors for Kitchen Splash Remodel

small kitchen makeover ideas

If you consider to makeover your kitchen, considering whether the room is bright enough or not. Besides using a lamp, the brightness in your kitchen can be designed through the selection of colors used. It is not necessary to paint all of the sides of the room with light colors, but try to make them as the dominant ones. This will make a warm feel while entering the room.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Using Matched Colors and Materials

kitchen remodel before and after wall removal

The cabinet as the storage of the utensils in the kitchen can be designed by considering its material. You could change the wooden cabinet with iron, plastics, or other materials. Select the materials that are suitable with the brightness in your room. Using wooden materials with a bright color combined the radiation from the lamp can make it too bright. Darker color and different material can make it warmer and elegant.

Kitchen Island Remodel

Kitchen Island Remodel

Here are some ideas to makeover your kitchen. Create an island with more seating, if you consider that lots of people will have dinner. Besides, add some appliances too based on their functions. Next, get more storage so that your those appliances will be stored in an appropriate space. In addition, use the space above to optimize the space of the room. Another idea is making it multi-level so that you could put some items in the close positions but still with a different location.

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Kitchen Shelves Remodel


Try to alter lots of shelves with simple and bigger ones. Locate it in the center of the room. You can make it by modifying your dining table with the shelves in it. This will make your room looked wider. Lots of shelves in the wall and on top of the wall, besides make the room looked full can also block the shine of the lamp.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After

To remodel the kitchen, there must be some issues should be fixed. One of them is the size. A small kitchen needs more details rather than the big one. It is because it should be matched with the items in it. Another issue is the wall. Wall has a significant role in designing the atmosphere and arcing the theme of it. Kitchen remodel before and after wall removal can be one of the alternatives. Besides the wall, pictures have the same role. Some pictures can beautify your wall and impress the people entering it.

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design

What does it mean by modern?  It might have different ideas for many people, however, modern which means contemporary means that it follows the style of the recent life. For the kitchen, what should be modernized can be items or the atmosphere. Nowadays, the modern kitchen design is understood as clean, streamlined, and entirely unencumbered.

A Simple and Sparse Modern Kitchen Design

A Simple and Sparse Modern Kitchen Design


To makeover your kitchen to be modern, a simple and sparse design is not out of date. You could create all-white the kitchen with wooden counter stools. Adding other dimensions by putting a plant leaf in a small transparent vase. Another one is opting for open shelves and or cabinet. Paint it by applying colors that are the same as the carpet or floor. This will make it wider and looked modern.

A Wooden Material and Geometric Modern Kitchen Design

kitchen remodeling ideas pictures

Besides changing the items, considering the colors. Black, white, and gray can be the perfect combination. Gray is not a dull color instead. When it is combined with the wooden material and geometric design it can be so modern. Besides make it bright, white can make the impression that your kitchen is well cleaned. It also gives the impression that it is like a new room. To make it balance, try to apply a combination of black and its gradation. Here is the perfect modern kitchen design as one of the small kitchen ideas.

Simple Kitchen Design

Simple is identical with small. It is not false. In that simplicity does not need lots of treatments. Moreover, you do not have to prepare some properties in a large proportion. However, you should consider that that simplicity makes your kitchen dull. Simple can be seen as elegant and natural if you design it with paying attention to the details of the sides of the room.

Breakfast Nook for A Simple but Fresh Look for Simple Kitchen Design

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Want to have a simple design? Don’t worry. Put a breakfast nook near the wall and the window. Make sure that you have the glasses window outside so that you could see the garden clearly and without having a lot of movements. A wooden chair and dining table can make it sophisticated without adding some items inside. You could also put a blank space near the shelves that are multipurpose, so that you could store anything there.

The Right Proportion for Elegant Simple Kitchen Design

Elegant Simple Kitchen Design

Some items which are considered a lot can be functioned optimally there. Simple does not mean avoiding lots of properties. You just should consider the angle, proportion, and size. When they are well arranged, your kitchen would be still simple but elegant. Put a small and big property at the right angle so that it can be seen harmonious.

Kitchen Design Minimalist

Nowadays, minimalist for a new lifestyle is well appealed. For a kitchen, minimalist means you use the appropriate items for its functions. You pay attention to the most significant properties and throw some other appliances which are not frequently and significantly used. Therefore, your kitchen would be always neat but stylish.

Clean and Neat Kitchen Design Minimalist

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Though you have a large kitchen, the minimalist design can be applied. It is because minimalist does not mean simple or small, but it makes the surface of the kitchen looked neat and clean. However, the items inside the properties like shelves, cabinets, and or seating can facilitate many functions.

Monochromatic Kitchen Design Minimalist

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The way to make it minimalist is by painting it with neutral or pop colors. Kitchen island which is repositioned and reduced can give additional space for working there. Wooden shelves and monochromatic colors can also induce more dimensions and feeling the dynamic feel of the room.

Kitchen Design Vintage Style

Like a story or movie, a kitchen also has its theme. The theme can create a story in it. Therefore the suitable theme will create a great story in your home. Vintage style is never out of dates. This is because vintage gives a spirit and memory for who live in it. Those being in it would be conditioned in a certain time and place which drive them to be the characters in that plot.

Nostalgic Kitchen Design Vintage Style

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Kitchen design vintage style could represent a pop of personality with salvage nostalgic memories. The idea of being vintage can represent the time specified as the theme of the design. Vintage does not mean old but it is more classic. You could apply a neutral color and some materials which can give a classic nuance. They can be metal or wooden.

Classic and Classy Kitchen Design Vintage Style

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You can modify your kitchen both being classic and classy. Classy does not mean contradictory with classic. Classic can be made by applying the colors. Classy can be made by applying the materials and the arrangement. Try to make it balance so that you will capture the best moment in which you could live in it.

Small Galley Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes, living in an apartment can be an alternative. When you do not have enough money to buy a new home just live in it. Another consideration is that you might live there because you have to work or study in a different area or might be a country, an apartment is the best choice. Be thankful, when the apartment offers you a small galley kitchen. You would not cost your money and stay healthy by cooking your own food.

A Wooden Pair of Stools for Small Galley Kitchen Remodel

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A small galley kitchen remodel is very suitable to makeover your apartment kitchen. A small wooden ledge with a pair of stools can make be an eat-in kitchen model. Put open cubicles above the cabinets to enable the cookbooks to be stored. Besides, you could put frequently used appliances in it.

A Solid Color for a Warm Feel in Small Galley Kitchen Remodel

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Feel light and airy thanks by putting the cabinet in a suitable place and colors with the properties. Decrease visual clutter to achieve a warm feel. Choose stripped or any motives for your carpets. Choose the solid color to make it a little bit gorgeous.

Small Kitchen Remodel Pictures

Today, there are so many preferences in deciding which one is better to design every part of the home. One of them is the kitchen. They not only offer the model, but also they might suggest you which you should try or suggest for your partners. Kitchen remodeling ideas pictures can be very helpful for renovating your home.

New Nuance by Adding or Altering the Pictures in Small Kitchen Remodel Pictures

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There are lots of small kitchen remodel pictures. One of them contains pictures in it. When feeling bored, you could alter your old pictures into the new ones or add some if you do not put one there. Pictures can symbolize a feeling or memory or personality. A perfect picture could arc the beauty of your kitchen.

Remodeling the pictures sometimes is not as easy as it seems. You should choose which could strengthen the theme of your kitchen. You could involve your family and or partner while choosing it. Pictures can also facilitate your interest while working in the kitchen. It can motivate you or make you feel better when entering the kitchen. You could decide whether to paint it yourself or buying paint which is suitable for you.

Different Atmosphere with Different Ornaments for Small Kitchen Remodel Pictures

Having a small kitchen does not limit you to modify it fabulously. If your kitchen seemed dull or empty, try to add some ornaments. They can be lamps, vases, flowers, wall arts, or chandeliers. Those ornaments would make the details of your room lighted up. This will make your room comfortable and romantic to stay. With your family members, togetherness can be started here.

Small Kitchen Table

Small kitchen makeover ideas can be started by considering a small kitchen table. You could alter or modify it with a new look. The small kitchen table is a perfect item to have breakfast or dinner with your family. If bored, you had better change its shape, color, and position. The new position will make a new feel while sitting or eating there.

Appropriate Items for Appropriate Members for Small Kitchen Table

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Choosing an item means choosing its function. While you have a big family you could add more items. However, while you have a small kitchen room just try to limit it. Meanwhile, you could still use it by choosing an appropriate item. Whether it is frequently used and needed or not.

Single or Varied Items for Small Kitchen Table


One of those is the table. Table to serve the dishes should be clean and neat. Small kitchen table when clean and neat can make your room gorgeous. Besides its forms, whether circle, square, triangle and others, try to fix whether it should be short or long, big or small, one item or varied items.

Small Simple Sink Cabinet

A kitchen without a sink is not complete. In that sink can be very helpful when you are in the kitchen, so pay attention to it. If you consider that you have limited space, it is better to put a small simple sink cabinet there. Besides its usage, you could design your kitchen by choosing the charming sink cabinet to beautify your kitchen.

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Cabinetry Style for Small Simple Sink Cabinet


Cabinet as one of the important properties in the kitchen can attract those entering the room both by its function and look. Cabinetry style with a simple sink model can enhance a tiny cooking space. This is suitable for you who has the room near the staircase so that you could manage it to be more functional.

Different Sink Form for Different View for Small Simple Sink Cabinet

knock down wall between kitchen and dining room

Small Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Cabinets for storage must have been located in your kitchen. Instead of using a single big cabinet, try to use wall cabinets. You can store your appliances which might be frequently used. Moreover, instead of using a dish rack, wall cabinets is simpler and practical. It makes your kitchen neat and clean.

Turquoise Small Kitchen Wall Cabinets

open wall between kitchen and living room

There are lots of kinds of wall cabinets. Besides considering the size, try to mix and match the colors. Turquoise colors might become the new colors for new nuance in your kitchen. You could apply blue as the dominant one. However, if you prefer green, then paint it as the dominant one. Turquoise will make your kitchen fresh as you enter it.

A Good Material and Position for Practical Small Kitchen Wall Cabinets

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When your kitchen is set to be long not wide, you can use this model. Wall cabinets can support your activities during cooking, serving dishes, washing plates, and storing appliances. It will be more practical when you put it near the sink. Do not forget to design the color. You might choose the material too whether it is light or heavy so that it will be well located.

Small Kitchen Remodel with Island

Island holds an important role in focusing the activities in the kitchen. Enough island enables you to move loosely and work fast. It does not mean that you should allocate a large space in the room, but try to give a space between each part of the room. For example, give some space around the table at the center of the room so that you could walk easily while washing your hands or taking utensils. This will very helpful if you have many members in your family or you bring your partners of friends to have dinner there.

Pop Colors Island for Small Kitchen Remodel

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If you never design your kitchen island, let’s try it. Kitchen island would be suitable for a circle room rather than a long room. Pop colors with a circle or square table and solid color could make it fantastic. Give a little space between the items. Make sure to choose the suitable motives for the carpets.

Additional Lamps and Flowers for Small Kitchen Remodel

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Add some additional lamps above the island. When choosing a small lamp you could add more than one lamp. However, while choosing the big one, try to add just one or two lamps. It’s better when they are decorated with many details that it will be seen deluxe. You could also add a sofa near the wall. Add some simple flowers near the window. In addition, make sure the seating is enough for your family members.

Small Kitchen Cabinets with Sink

Why cabinets and sink are closely juxtaposed? It is because they might be used after or before one another. The perfect placement can make your activities in the kitchen more effective and efficient. Commonly, sink is located in the middle of the top of the sink cabinets. However, if you consider choosing one which is in the corner, it is still well accepted.

The Right Sink Angle for The Right Activity


Besides using a large cabinet, try to modify it by a sink. Choose the right angle so that the cabinets will not full the side wall. You could put one or more sinks but do not put so many sinks. It would be best to put it in the middle or near the breakfast nook. Therefore it would be easier to be clean before eating. Moreover, you could wash vegetables and fruits before cooking.

A Small Carpet for Small Kitchen Cabinets with Sink

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For some reasons carpets usually are avoided to be put in the kitchen. However, based on in function, you could add it in the kitchen. While you consider that it will full your room, then choose the small one for the alternative. Locate it near the sink and the cabinets. Thus once washing your hand or vegetables there, you would not be wet. Besides, a colorful carpet will add extra magnificence in it.

Small Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors

Having all-wooden cabinets? Opt it. While considering to make a luxurious kitchen though small, try to apply kitchen cabinets with glass doors. Besides it beautify your kitchen, you can see the items in it so that it is easy for you to take them. Combine it using gold or silver details besides its natural color material. Your kitchen will be extremely deluxe.

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Glass Doors for Glowing Small Kitchen


Here we go, small kitchen remodel before and after could be made by using glass doors. Glass doors can make your cabinets glow thought it is simple decorated. Choose light dark, cream, or white as the main color. Make sure you consider the material, whether it is light or heavy, thin or thick so that you can treat it well. Do not forget to clean it while considering it is dusted.

Combination of Limited Lamps and Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors for Optimum Brightness

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When choosing the cabinets with glass doors, do not use a lamp which could give strong brightness. In that, the glass doors can radiate the light against the cabinet. Simply choose a small lamp with a small radiant.  Besides make it shiny, you could save your money because of using limited lamps.


To sum up, it is not that hard to deal with the design and decoration of a small kitchen. You could considering the size, materials, properties, angle, color, and many aspects. When they are well arranged, a small room is not a big deal. Decide your own style, your own purpose, and your interest. Keep after its beauty and its cleanness. Therefore, you could live in your perfect kingdom as well. 

13+ Kitchen Island Dining Table Ideas (How to Make The Kitchen Island Dining Table)

Kitchen Island Dining Table – The dining table is the crucial parts of the kitchen area. Thus, if you imagine purchasing a flexible and artistic dining table from the internet. The kitchen island can be one of the great solution for any kind of kitchen design. In general, an island can make sure to welcome any guess that visit to your home. It is important to choose suitable island that fit to your kitchen decoration. Moreover, there are a lot of kitchen island types that you can choose to make your dream come true. Those fantasies can become a reality with the right choice of the island.

The kitchen island can also bring plenty benefits for those who using it. Moreover, it can provide an easy access to find the best placement according to your kitchen space. Also, an island will generate wider chance to the all kitchen furniture. A new island creates a great possibility to make an inspiring concept for your kitchen layouts. Hence, all you need to do is to plan your dreamy kitchen design.

It is suggested for you to simulate first before you decide to put an island. Make sure to measure your entire kitchen area before you decide to buy one island. After you are figuring out the size of your kitchen then you can determine the type of kitchen island for the kitchen. You can also ask for help from professional interior designer while selecting the exact kitchen. Find out more ideas for a better kitchen island settlement in this review.    

What is Kitchen Island Dining Table?

island table for kitchen

The Kitchen Island Dining Table is one of the types of kitchen table that is placed freestanding inside the kitchen to support the countertop area. It is similarly mutual to feature preeminent seats sideways to the other kitchen utensils cross of the island as an additional dining space. It took a long preparation to creates an island by procuring supplementary standard cabinets from a distributor to guarantee that every kitchen qualities are particular fit exactly.

In modern shaped kitchens, professionals are starting to put loaded effort on the progress of complex kitchen dining islands by adding cooking countertops and sinks to them. Overall, an island table for kitchen is a brilliant chance to comprise more storage inside the kitchen. On the other hand, there are few island designs that have no storage as the interior. Most of it has also copiously designated an enormous eternally placed dining table as an island. Alternatively, the right island should stand at a countertop elevation that can cover the entire kitchen area.

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Kitchen Island Dining Table Design Ideas

Kitchen Island Dining Table Design Ideas

It is normal for proprietors to buy a freestanding table style kitchen islands to intensification the kitchens groundwork space. A proper kitchen island is also not for a specific measurement or off limited. It means that the islands can be sized accordingly to the kitchen area that accessible. Although it might be a confusing part to visualize your future kitchen by mere imagination. Therefore, you must do some research to find a suitable kitchen island dining table for your kitchen.

Fortunately, there are plenty of kitchen design that included various kind of islands. One of the easiest way to find it is by Google it or find in the Pinterest apps. But worry free because we have already compiled the best kitchen island dinner table ideas for you. Here are the most elegant free island ideas that you can apply for your own kitchen from around the world.

Dining Table Seats Fourteen

round kitchen islands with wheels
Photo by Sandrin Leung Architecture.

This is one of the examples of the trivial modern single-wall bamboo flooring kitchen space in Vancouver with intermediate tone timber cabinets. It is placing a wooden island with a granite countertops in the center. The unremitting kitchen, living space, and dining island is outlined by a sandstone stalwart cherry surrounded within the kitchen area. Clerestory openings seizure the southern light to the fourteen seats dining island to warmth the entire kitchen naturally.

L-Shaped Kitchen Island

kitchen island table with storage
Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors.

The inspiration for a mid-sized timeless dark kindling floor kitchen remodels in Minneapolis. It is reflecting a retro kitchen by engaging the island and the paneled appliances with shaker cabinets. The color of the island surface is black contrasted the white kitchen island with chairs and cabinets. To make it more stunning the island designers put a pure white ceramic backsplash and marble countertops.

Timeless Kitchen Island

60 round kitchen table
Photo by Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry.

This is the Walters middle sized farmhouse with a red floor dining kitchen and single-wall brick floor idea in Philadelphia. The island was designed with some raised panel beige color cabinets. There is farmhouse sink mounted on the top of the island with a grey color concrete countertops. Accordingly, the width on the kitchen was approximately around 17 ft. Hence, the designers customize the island size into about 96″ x 44″ as well as the stools.

Hiltop Modern Island

Example of a fashionable u-shaped framed kitchen island decoration in Denver with dark timber cabinets and smooth-panel cabinets. The island was manufactured by a resident craftsman precisely for this kitchen. As you can see, this is one more amazing example of a dining island. The set shows extra hard work. The chairs are really cozy to enjoy yourself through dining. Instead, they can be placed totally under the island to add up kitchen cubicle during meal time.

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Clontarf Kitchen Island

round kitchen table with leaf
Photo by Art of Kitchens Pty Ltd

An exclusive blend of artistic, practical and visual design has arisen together to generate this enjoyable and warm Clontarf kitchen island. The idea of this beautiful kitchen was from the interior designer, Anita Mitchell. She prefers to get inspiration from the remarkable contemporary kitchen island. Essentially, it creates an important feature of the design via various kind of textures of wood. The island finishes also add spectacular attention to space. Undeniable, it fit perfectly with the natural light.

College Hill Kitchen Island

using tables as kitchen islands
Photo by 2fORM Architecture.

This kitchen was built with the material from IKEA products. This is resembling the modern u-shaped kitchen island ideas in Portland. The kitchen island dining table is supported with stainless steel utilization. The dining island was custom made by the designer. They created the island vent hood by Zephyr. The area among the cabinets and the island is around to 4 feet. Also, the size of the kitchen island is about 4 feet by 7 feet which makes it well placed.

Belgravia Kitchen Island

kitchen islands with seating and storage
Photo by Davonport.

The relaxed dining space unified at this end of the island provides a safe space for the kids to take a seat. All in all, it is really necessary for the island to work for a family. For instance, a good settlement of an island can designate a safe area for the children. Though, the hanging lights above the island kitchen table designs resonance the Merlot glass back and forth. It is successfully in gathering different vibes for the integrated kitchen island together.

Shiloh Kitchen Island

dining island instead of table
Photo by Insidesign.

An inspiration for a large timeless l-shaped dark wood floor eat-in kitchen remodel in Atlanta with the white countertop kitchen island joined with raised-panel cabinets. The island dining table and stools are from a manufacturer called Stanford Furniture. Although, the purpose of the kitchen island was only for a designer show house. Inside designers willing to provides all of the timber products for this home. Especially for the island cabinetry with fully loaded Interiors.

Back Bay Dining Island

kitchen island eating table
Photo by BC&J Architecture.

The Back-Bay kitchen island is contained of two main edifices. First in the nocturnal wing, the island is combined with a glass gallery. Second in the daytime wing, the island is maintained by an informal living dining arrangement. Although, it is a massive traditional kitchen space. The island brings a relaxing seating space which unlocks to a country covered entrance.

Barton Hills Kitchen Island

kitchen islands with extended table
Photo by Tenney Construction.

Self-made Barton Hills dining table braced off the kitchen island. Nickle and Clear varnish overhanging lights complete the view above the kitchen island as dining table. The ideas of the Mediterranean kitchen were from Tuscan kitchen space in Austin. It was a special design with marble countertops and strengthen tile backsplash.

Industrial Kitchen Island

tables that look like islands
Photo by Liquid Interiors Limited.

Contemporary metro minimalist kitchen island matches in with stainless steel locker room. The designer put a multi-light wall mounted LED above the middle island. The dining island purposely protracted to widen the entertainment area. Essentially, it can fit up to five people to help them self in the kitchen. The kitchen island table made from iron with a fused siltstone surface. The color of the island contrast with the light blue metal bar stools.

How to Make The Kitchen Island Dining Table

How to Make The Kitchen Island Dining Table

There is a simple way of creating a kitchen island dining table by yourself. An island can be constructed from one frame built around two stock cabinets. Thus, by transforming one measurement the island can easily size to fit all kind of cabinets.

Designing a huge island may seem a bit challenging. However, doing all the cuts are fairly simple. Though, the most difficult part of building a perfect island is mitering the baseboard. Hence, everything you need to build new kitchen island is a few tips. Here are view tips for you to make your desired kitchen island dining table.

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The Essentials

Normally, all kind of island can be castoff for dining as long as it has chairs. Also, an outcrop that consents those chairs to fold in for comfort. A 6-inch is the minimum outcrop that adequate for dining. However, if added more 9 to 12 inches will be a wise decision for the legroom. Generally, using chairs that bring pleasure on its own will give more relaxed vibes for longer meals.

Protracted Islands

The island should feature a distinctive built-in table with cabinets in the base. Also, it will be needed intensely extended top to generate a huge external with lots of space for seats. All in all, please consider making room for the seats on the three sides of the island foreground. Thus, the goal is to make the seats could easily be heaved around to the other side of the kitchen. This will open a chance for a small group of folks to chat easily while facing each other.

Extra-Protracted Islands

In an extended kitchen island area sometimes the dining table can only be extended in one option joined with the cabinets. In this case, rather than opening the island to let the seats around the frames. The kitchen island can be extra-extended a long way in one parallel space (50 to 80 inches). It will allow an extra dining-table-length extension to adjust to the main frame exterior. Nevertheless, the island surface will be getting longer while the base with cabinets only extra-extend halfway. This particular solution provides plenty of extra dining space for enjoyable day-to-day meal and cooking.

Lumpy Islands

The former design works well for a long kitchen area, but not with an open design. Well, all you need is an island with a “bubble” or “lump” on it. It takes guts in designing a dining bubble island that lets companies face each other. This arrangement takes less base space than having a separate circular island off to the side. Therefore, it such a great solution between open circulation space and counter space.

Sheer Extensions

This kitchen spaces a picnic-style dining space right counter to the side of an island. The idea is to design an arrangement similar to the earlier “bubble island.” Perpendicular extension can allow the island to have a wider space next to the kitchen. Rather than stays inside the kitchen itself. As a rule, try to treat the kitchen out into the open air to make it feel and look a bit larger.

Headland Extensions

In designing a true island it is recommended for you to add an extension headland. It should be touching the main counter instead of having the open measure on all edges. On the other hand, it might be a built-in extension at the dining loftiness or an original separate island strapped into the area.

Fixtures Islands

If you have a smaller kitchen area and prefer a blustery look, you can place a dining island in your kitchen as a multi functional furniture. A small island is not as practical for a meal than a wider island. Though, it should be usable as an additional area to do set dinner or doing a little onion chopping which most of the time this is all you need.

Rounded Tables

A circular table can be a bit tricky to “fit” with the conventional parts of a kitchen. In general, there are lots of extraordinary motives to consider it. For example, try to add a lot of awareness by presenting a new shape. Moreover, you also get the opportunity to move the chairs wherever you want it.


Bench stalls are a sophisticated thing in dining space these days. Placing a precisely sized seats will allow the seats to completely vanish under a kitchen island. Even though, the benches are not always blocking when not in use.

Selecting Materials

As I mentioned before, the best material for a kitchen island is plain wood. Thus, it can enjoyably dissolve with other materials, yet it works well in both classic and modern designs. It will cut a lot of time if you are choosing the matching color for the dining seats combined with the cabinetry. Certainly, it will support to unify the two areas together


The rising trends to purchase a new kitchen island plays a great part in the kitchen style nowadays. Alternatively, you can also build your island using some simple steps that been provided above. Though, it might be difficult in the beginning to visualize the desired kitchen island. At the end of the day, your imaginary kitchen island dining table will turn to reality. Therefore, it is an effective solution to replicate some kitchen island set ideas from another kitchen all over the world.

Small U Shaped Kitchen Ideas (Pro & Cons, Tips on Designing U Shaped Kitchen)

There are many kinds of kitchen designs. Each of them has its characteristics and functions. One of them is the small u shaped kitchen design. It is a kitchen surrounded by three walls as the main parts in positioning cabinets and appliances along the wall. This design facilitates both small and full kitchen. It needs about two meters long between the different bank units. It provides more storage for both appliances and dishes. Moreover, it accommodates how quick food preparation served in time.

Pros of U Shaped Kitchen

Pros of U Shaped Kitchen
  • Having a big family? Small u shaped kitchen is the answer. It accommodates those who prepare for the food in a more practical way and in a quick time since the common appliances used is located in the triangle net. The arrangement avoids you to walk along the room.
  • Each side of the wall is suitable for multiple work sites. Therefore, ones using this kitchen are free from the traffic flow. The perfect distance saves your cooking from the people entering at the same time. They can take the food from the refrigerator, take the spoon to form the racks, and wash the hand in the sink freely without getting a crash since it provides a free counter space.
  • It eases the access with the separated properties like refrigerator, stove, sink, and cabinets. Moreover, it is easier to create a dining area with the counter space along the room without considering a kitchen island, especially when the room is open to the rest of the room.
  • The great other benefit is that decorating this room is more flexible. It needs about three until five meters to complete the design. Therefore, allocating the money to beautify the room is possible.

Cons of U Shaped Kitchen

Cons of U Shaped Kitchen
  • However, regarding the floor and the intimacy, small u shaped kitchen does not accommodate the exact function of it. The ideal size for making the space of the room is at least 3-meter width with at least 1 meter of each part for easy accessibility.
  • The bottom of the floor will be tightly tied with the benches as well as the wall. Thus, it makes the room to be more enclosed. Moreover, the use of cupboards and chairs reduce the floor space. Besides reducing the floor, the use of cupboards makes the benches feel full and creating the right distance for each property is highly considering the people in it. Furthermore, the plan for open kitchen design is necessary.
  • Another property like the corner base cabinets is also difficult to be accessed. Therefore, it is less efficient in working in a compact dimension. The kitchen work triangle though functional is less useful rather than the kitchen island, which eases the work areas, especially for a large kitchen area. Thus making it too tiny or large floor area makes the work stations to be enclosed and far apart.

Tips on Designing U Shaped Kitchen

Tips on Designing U Shaped Kitchen

A small kitchen with u shaped layout maximizes the efficiency in working and storage for organizing the properties of the room. It accommodates the counter space with a member of the family. For a small size, having about 42 to 48 inches between the facing aisles is perfect in drawbacks.

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While a small kitchen provides single cooking, a medium one facilitates you with double cooking sites. Therefore, for a medium size having about 62 to 68 inches between the facing aisles is perfect in drawbacks. Installing two sinks in both two benches is possible. Therefore, preparing for food and cleaning up the appliances is possible to be done in time.

Small U Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

u shaped kitchen designs

Designing a small u shaped kitchen needs a perfect style to facilitate the functions. The false form makes the kitchen full and messy. Moreover, the wrong angle and proportions makes it rude. Therefore, it is all about working with the space layout. Recessing the ceiling and under cabinet lighting are the solutions. However, considering strip lighting above the cabinets that shine up the wall is necessary, moreover, if the cabinets do not surround the way to the ceiling. Here are some of the small u shaped kitchen layout ideas.

1. U Shaped Kitchen Designs with Breakfast Bar

u shaped kitchen floor plans
Photo by Konstrukt Photo

Small u shaped kitchen with breakfast bar recommends one part of the counter as the breakfast bar if there is no added Kitchen Island in the middle. It is functional for not only breakfast but also dinner. Using a beige and light wood floor is the resource of making a proper design for u shaped kitchen.

A breakfast bar is the most crucial part. It initiates the brand new day. It also makes intimacy with the partners and member of the family to get a more intimate relationship. Stainless steel appliances are suitable with blue backsplash and flat planet cabinets with white countertops.

2. Modern Small U Shaped Kitchen

u shaped kitchen island images
Photo by Bravo Interior Design

A modern small u shaped kitchen commonly employs the primary color especially black and white. Those colors paint the cabinets and wall as the rugged design. Glass fronted cabinets makes it more harmonious with the wall. It arcs the light so that the room will be warmer. Besides, glass windows in front of or next to the dining table add the beauty of the place. Therefore, seeing an exciting view is possible.

The peninsula separates the cooking space with the dining room as well as the cabinets or other properties. Thus, it is more straightforward and more functional in a limited area. Two or three chairs with the same tone colors combined with the porcelain table make it neat but elegant.

3. Contemporary Kitchen

kitchen u shaped layout
Photo by Deniece Duscheone Design

A contemporary kitchen design emphasizes on the metal materials, the mix of textures and sleek surfaces to bring out impudent style. Therefore, a crucial but straightforward ornament is the key for arcing the theme. Black wooden cabinets with golden metal door handle show its classiness. A small green plant in a golden metal vase is nicely installed near the wall and the cabinets.

Avoiding bloomed, and colorful petunias are the perfect decision since it detracts the classy impression. Besides, it makes you clean up it frequently to keep the room clean. A wooden texture floor with square motives in the wall adorns the whole place. A metal chair with the wooden backrest though looks vintage but shed the natural theme of the contemporary one.

4. Small U Shaped Kitchen Designs with Island

small u shaped kitchens
photo by Studio Dearborn

A classic material and thoughtful storage can be one of the resources in designing a small u shaped kitchen with island. Having plenty of space enables people to plot a small u-shaped kitchen layout compared to an island can be easily integrated proportion into the middle of the area. Therefore, maximizing workspace and add extra storage for those odd bits and pieces is never out of dates.

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Shaker cabinets, granite countertops, gray backsplash are matching with matchstick tile backsplash and black countertops. The sunflower in the black dining table brings out the shore acres with its open glass windows. Therefore, the island will be the most crucial part in manipulating u design.

5. U Shaped Farmhouse Kitchen

small u shaped kitchen
Photo by Home On Cameron

There is creativity in designing a farmhouse kitchen since it employs the combination of colors as well as the motives of each of the properties. A cottage u-shaped brick floor and a brown floor is usually applied in designing u shaped farmhouse kitchen with a retro touch. The same tone in the colors of each property is the key. Making a pair of property with matching textures and motives shows the real nuance of the room. Colorful appliances with both wooden and glass cabinets support its style and functions.

6. Wooden Style U Kitchen

horseshoe shaped kitchen island
Photo by Atwood: Fine Architectural Cabinetry

A wooden style u kitchen can be applied to both small and large kitchen. Stellar views and natural light embrace is usually chosen as making it proper with the natural nuance with the wooden materials. Slab doors in both the kitchen and bar areas make separates with other rooms so that it will be more intimate.

The great peninsula of cabinetry with two hang lamps defines the kitchen and adjacent hall. The symmetrical design makes it neat but still artistic — the same tone motives in the floor and the wall arcs the harmony inside.

7. U Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula

u shaped kitchen with island floor plans
Photo by Monica Ledesma Design

A small u shaped kitchen with peninsula is a straightforward design. It accommodates the appliances, which is frequently used, such as cupboard and plates in the dining table without a necessary to move it in the rack. Red can be an additional color in giving a strong touch related to the whole design.

White countertops and quartz countertops are ideal with multicolored backsplash with the dark wooden floor. Though dark, white walls and some lamps above with the two hang lamps is enough for giving lighting inside the room.

8. Modern U Shaped Kitchen

u shaped kitchen layout
Photo by Design Loft Interiors

Nowadays, people tend to polish a modern u shaped kitchen using a magnificent, pure color and design but a high quality of properties. One of them is the application of stainless steel appliances integrated with white cabinets and flat panel cabinets. It denotes the elegance of the design as well as represents the identity of the owner.

A grey, white, and light brown describe the austerity but sparkling design. A farmhouse sink is also applicable in the middle of the kitchen line. The addition of some hang lamps beautifies the decoration to make a warm atmosphere.

9. Traditional U Shaped Kitchen

u shaped kitchen design
Photo by The Kingston Group – Remodeling Specialists

Rather than applying a modern or contemporary design, a traditional one is still in demand for some people. It allows people to install floor eat-in kitchen using a black slate floor. A conventional design can be an old ties design, formal style, extra embellishment, and international influence.

Making a historical ties design have some doors with inset panels and beveled edges. They figure out an antique armoire or dining buffet by using scrolled aprons or carved trim moldings. Cabinet hardware resembles all you need in the kitchen. Multi-pane windows spark a traditional mimics new century rooms.

10. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

u shaped kitchen design images
Photo by Glo European Windows & Doors

A prominent focal point in the center of the island is the character in a modern farmhouse kitchen. Multi-pane glass windows enable people to view the outer view. Purposely placed operable windows not only beautify but also allow the air in so that it functions as natural ventilation. Vertical cedar siding poured concrete, and zinc gray metal elements magnify the aesthetic of the room.

11. Rustic Kitchen

designing a u shaped kitchen
Eric Charles Parlee Architect

Designing a rural kitchen model can be started by using a wooden material for its roof, chair, tables, and the cabinets. Minimizing a flat or panel cabinets makes it not overlapping with other ornaments. A gray countertop is the same tone color to make it rustic. An eat-in floor with a blue and red motive carpets functions as an additional ornament to avoid wet in the kitchen. A small vase near the window makes a natural impression.

12. Contemporary U Shaped Kitchen

Contemporary U Shaped Kitchen
Photo by Fedewa Custom Works

Designing a contemporary u shaped kitchen can be started by using metal as the most prominent items in the room. It not only gives enough light but also, the classy impression. Symmetric white or grey design of the kitchen line provides a balance with for the completely brown wooden countertops. Finery above the kitchen line with an overlapping metal makes it flossy.

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Multi-Pane glass windows and walls make it rummy with the outer view while having breakfast or having dinner. Texture melamine can be the alternative to the back wall of cabinetry with the same tone with the texture of the floor. A small concatenation of small lamps set off a romantic nuance.

To sum up, designing a small kitchen is not that hard. One of the designs which accommodates the limited space is a small u shaped kitchen. Things to be considered are recognizing the size, materials, and the member of the family. Therefore, designing a small u shaped kitchen will be not only comfortable but also beneficial.

30+ Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas (Pictures & Inspirations)

Kitchen Sink Lighting – In every part of the building, the precise place of lighting can help you to complete specific tasks. This also applies in the kitchen where you can set up a good mood. As we know there so many things that we can do to devote plenty of time doing various responsibilities in the kitchen. Nevertheless, the insertion of light in your kitchen will add beauty to your home. For that reason, a suitable lighting arrangement in the kitchen is needed.

The first part of the kitchen that you should first consider is the sink. Because the sink is an important part that visually great with a keen light directly above it, with the perfect placement of lighting, cleaning vegetables, washing dishes will be easily done. Thus, the perfect lighting is the best way to solve any kind of household errands in the sink. The appearance of your sink will perfectly be improved.

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Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

For those who are looking for the kitchen lighting ideas. You can get these wonderful light fixtures in your kitchen with some decorative ambient lighting. Where you can adjust LED lights and then put some candles for a romantic dinner. Also, the addition of lighting in the kitchen sink can offer a fabulous night light. Obviously, it can help you find a kitchen utensil in the middle of the night. Plus, it is possible that the light over the kitchen sink can prevent thieves from breaking into your house.

The excellent arrangement of the hanging light might be able to decrease the numbers of light on the other part of your house. For instance, one ceiling light had better hang at around 29 to 35 inches over your kitchen sink. It would illustrate sufficient kitchen sink lighting for doing dishes. Hence, all you have to remember is to make sure that the kitchen décor suits the tone of the hanging light. However, you can place the hanging light wherever you want it.

Decorative Kitchen Sink Lighting

Decorative Kitchen Sink Lighting

Baldwin Chain Pendant

pendant light over kitchen sink height
Photo by Lauren Shadid Architecture and Interiors.

The customized color of the island is the main features of decorative over the sink light fixtures. It brings balance for the snow-white quartzite shade on the countertops. Whereas the light fixtures above the kitchen island are from revitalizing process.

Transitional Chandelier

wall mounted light over kitchen sink
Photo by Trend Interior Design.

Transitional chandelier lights bring warm feeling in the kitchen sink. All the cabinets are custom made by Trend Interior Design. It uses a soft grey color which is also custom paint color. The light brings stunning contrast to the white marble countertops.

Fancy Table Light

pendant light over kitchen sink distance from wall
Photo by LKM Design

The Carrara marble material on the countertops suits perfectly with the sink. The antique silver table light brings the classic feels contrast with the island. This light called Rhinnecliff light table. Furthermore, the twin table light can enhance the look of the countertops more fancy. Also, the cross-handle kitchen faucet sprayer developed the vintage look in the kitchen.

Exos Double Shade Light

over kitchen sink lighting
Photo by Kitchen Distributors.

It can clearly be seen that the huge windows and the curved ceiling rule the whole area of the kitchen. This architectural spotlight varied with utilization and the varnishes presented in a glorious kitchen that is cozy and warm for those who involve in it. The backsplash and Zebrino marble countertops are visibly revealed. Thus, the LED under-lighting benefits to emphasize the stunning veining all over the kitchen sink lighting.

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This low cost LED creates double shade on the island. Therefore, the exos light enables the elegant radiant to spark all over the area. This kitchen has subsequently earned two awards over ASID and NKBA competitions. Overall, this is absolutely the topmost star of the contemporary kitchen space.

Edison Cage Pendant

ceiling light fixtures
Connecticut Kitchen contemporary-kitchen Photo by Susan Anderson Design, White Birch Studio.

This also a contemporary kitchen decoration that uses numbers of hanging the light. It was made by the order and can be customized according to the clients’ desire. Warm lighting above the kitchen island suits perfectly to the leaned ceiling with the acceptable lines of the space in the kitchen. While the flex is only available in black or red paint color. Fortunately, there are plenty of brass to be chosen in numerous appearances.

Kitchen Sinks Lighting With Cabinets

Livex Lighting

kitchen lighting design
Photo by Michael Abrams Interiors.

This flush mount lighting illuminates the kitchen cabinets configuration. The Livex lighting helps to accentuate euro grey top cabinets. It also balances the lighting over the wooden floor. The Benjamin Moore’s white dove colors of the sink give a beautiful contrast to the grey cabinets. It uses Herbeau Luberon Farmhouse sink which was purchased via Home Depot. Note that you may need professional support to install the sink because it is really heavy.

St Louis Lighting

above kitchen sink lighting
Photo by Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath.

This warm white kitchen renovation showing a gorgeous sight of right-angle corner sandstone under-mounted sink. Jenny Rausch designed this kitchen by installed harmonious job finished oak flooring and a timber paneled fridge. The lighting on the top of the cabinets brings an elegant color to the natural stone countertops.

Built-in Lighting

kitchen lighting layout
Photo by 186 Lighting Design Group – Gregg Mackell.

This kitchen view is from Studio B Architects in Aspen. Those professional bookshelves equipped with several LED puck lights. Along with the LED tape light brings the Recessed Square accent lights more alive. The puck lights in the soffit are low power energy square clipped with downlights with Satin Nickel finishes.

Kitchen Sink LED lighting

Kitchen Sink LED lighting

Insulator Light Pendant

best lighting for kitchen ceiling
Photo by Kingston Design Remodeling.

The entire industrial kitchen design is using IKEA product. The insulator pendant light over kitchen sink distance from wall reflects gentle light towards the stainless-steel shelves. Clearly, the enchanting vibes from the light help to elevate the kitchen decoration. The decorate paint used in this kitchen is Benjamin Moore Rumba Orange color which is matches with the LED light. The Kingston designed remodeling the stainless steel covering so that it could be superficially mounted.

Helix Light Pendant

ikea kitchen lighting ceiling
Photo by PORCELANOSA Group.

The white kitchen sink is equipped with the Ringo kitchen sink faucet. There are two boxes of helix light mounted on the wall. The light on the area brings joy and comfort for every person who stays in it. Moreover, the LED light from Porcelanosa mounted above the cabinets bring an expensive look of the units. Nevertheless, the best part of this kitchen is the white laminate flooring that improves the lighting.

LED Light Kitchen Faucets

Oakhurst LED Faucet

led ceiling light fixtures

This LED light kitchen faucet is using premium stainless-steel varnish. It could resist defilement and deterioration. Also, the LED featured of the faucet can be switched on and off. However, this faucet is not retractable despite it comes with a counterweight. Thus, the product offers a limited lifetime warranty.

LED-thermal Faucet

led recessed ceiling lights

This pull-down faucet spray has an LED-thermal feature. The LED Generator powered this zinc alloy faucet. Moreover, the valve is built with perfect size ceramic valve material. Though, the faucet only has the spray mode. The adapter is changeable which can increase the product life span.

Natural Kitchen Sink lighting

Natural Kitchen Sink lighting

Beverly Place Lighting

wall mounted light over kitchen sink
Photo by Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture.

Mixing painted makes the wood vainer cabinets in the kitchen looks great. The lighting on the kitchen ceiling lighting fit perfectly to the kitchen wall colors. However, for the low consumption the light can not cover all the area. Basically, the best way to counter shadow is to put addition LED light on the top cabinets. No doubt, the top cabinets from Benjamin Moore’s Stratton blue creates a magnificent combination. The lime avocado color on the bottom makes this kitchen looks natural.

Eco-culture Light

kitchen light fixtures
Photo by CapeRace Cultural Adventures.

The eggshell colors that dominates all the kitchen creates a true heart’s delight to everyone. In the same way, the metal edging of the countertops makes it looks firm. Therefore, the metal reflected beautiful natural lighting from the window. Generally speaking, the cute jacuzzi bathtub sinks white color complete the traditional kitchen design.

Benson Pendant Light

over the sink light fixtures lowes
Photo by Connecticut Stone.

The Calacatta Gold counters manufactured from a honed finish of a marble. On the other hand, the polished nickel as the pendants over the island is from restoration hardware. The kitchen view is impressively natural by depending on the eco-friendly light.

It points the light from the sun through the exotic stones on the countertops. Because of this, the kitchen received more brightness that illuminates all the area. Thus, as a compliment to the island the designer puts double Benson light. It helps to cover the lighting in the kitchen area when the rays are over.

Contemporary Kitchen Sink Lighting

Tube Martini Light

ikea kitchen lighting ceiling
Photo by Elizabeth Bowman Ltd.

The lighting on the ceiling is called the TUBE from the Martini Lights. It length are 80 cm in a bronze finish. As an alternative, the designers choose the black and white color for the lighting. The white colors of the cabinets match excellently with the lighting. Undoubtedly, the pendant lighting brings a modern look on a Covent garden contemporary kitchen.

Espresso Denver Light

ikea kitchen lights under cabinet